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_This weekendd:)_



Ok yeahh soo i REALLY needa catch upp on my writing :-/ lOl! This weekendd was awesomee. On Saturdayy Baiba came over. So we went to the airpot where we had to get her. Easier said thann done. We forgot that we had to pick her up like in the Gate cause they changed the underaged flying thiger to 14 soo finally my mom realized this and went to get herr hahh. That was funn... so then we drove into the city to see Hairspray! We got to sit in the boxx seats and my sister had a fit about that.. lOl.. but yeahh... The play was awesome! One of the singers's flyes was openn hahh we were laughing sooo muchh. Then we got our sweatt shirrrts! Hahhh so then we drove back to my housee and went to Block Busterr to get The Girl Next Door (i love that moviee)! Yeahh sooo we hung out and stuff... thenn We went to Palisades the nextt day. We shopped aaaaaaaaaaallll dayy long hahh. funnnnn.  We ate and stuff then went onto the ferris wheel and then the carosuel! people we staring at us so we ran! hahhaa. After that whole thing we wentto Jeepers! omg that was soooooooooo muchh funn! we like we stared at by parents and even little kids but i didnt care cause i had sooo muchh fun! hahh.. ohh mann!Then we waited for my dadd to get us so we sat on these posts in the entry. Hahh we waited there for like 30 minutes and then my dadd calls to tell us he's stuck in traffic so we went back in and kept shopping for a while and then finally went home. Then had dinner and got ready to go to Forest Of Fear! that was sooooo muchh funn. We met some VERRRY hottt guys =] hehh. She got chased thru the whole housee'y thingyy by clowns and we were chased by chaunsaw person. and the hairy guy was like stalking uss! Yeahh soo we left and came home. We talked til like one or two and then went to sleep and all! Thenn woke up and i had to go to school, so she went to the city with my mom to meet up with her motherr.. yeahh sooo that was one of the best weekends in historyyy...



        Muchh Lovee--- angie




My hopes are so high

Your kiss might kill me

So wont you kill me

And ill die happy

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