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_This Weekend_


-- So this weekend... ohh man. I was mad cause i couldnt go to the city.. cause i didnt have a ride. So i like slept all day and did nothing waiting for Lina to come over. Finally she did :)
Yeah soo thennn we went to the Commons got lost. We bought a bunch of stuff for our friends. They have such random stuff in Claire's we basically bought all of it for Baiba :D lOl Then we called my dad to pick us upp and sat on the sidewalk for ten or fifteen minutes. That was fun
We got home and ate. Then we went downstairs and watched the Girl Next Door. We basically know it by heart :) We did our little dance like he did when we was on ecstasy. Then when it ended we got ice cream and watched Jersey Girl. Ben Afleck is a really bad actor.. like he sucks. But it was sad and really funny.
Then we got dressed in our Pjs and all and yeahh. We talked most of the night. Then we woke up had breakfast and went online. We talked to Kalvis. We played truth or dare.... kalvis is a very bad darer. So then we met one of Eriks's friends. Lina being herslef starts making fun of him.. and oddly enough he asks her out. She had never met him or seen yet... he's her boyfriend. Hahh... shes having fun with the whole idea. Then around 12ish she left :( grrrr... and then yeah. We got into the car and went and got our Xmas tree. We were gonna go to Best Buy but it was really crowded to we went home.
We got hime and all and we decided to make piragi. MMMM:) They came out really good soooo we ate a bunch. But my mom's grr and shes bringing in the like aaaalll of them to work.. so i cant eat them all. Ughh... oh well. She said we could make more. Then we went downstairs and watched some movie that was funny. And then i went to sleeeepp :) I cant wait til next weekend.
Hahh Me and Kristin made up this plan and its gonna be really fun... but i cant tell you cause i cant lOl that was dumb.
Today was veryyy boring.. and as usual the same person lied again :) yayy

<3 Andra ETM

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I was down in that area on saturday how crazy is that
omg =) THE PLAN ...

hehh gonna be so amazing =P if thats the word you wanna use hahhah.

nd that was very 5th grade "but i cant tell you" hahhh i love you =)



[my.american.eagle]@k*maRT//w//the little green monster(x4)-harrypotter(x3)=funfunfun[except for poor harry]

hahh cannot wait

hey you!!!!!!
thanks for telling me i am not mental, but u r my friend, so actually you are allowed to call me mental. lol. hahahahaha...
o boy thanks for the message on my site, i love you!!!
i will call you soon once my life slows down a bit, i have so much to do! ahhhh!!!!