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Hey guys...

Havent written in like forever cause i've been away the whole summerrr. Haha. I had the best time in the world with the best and greatest people ever! Ok both in camp and Latvia. Ok camp was amazing and the Box (kaste) was formed. Me Marlie Lina and Baiba the besttt people there. And everr. Yeah but lina and marlie didnt stay for all the four weeks but i had Baiba. That girl is so fucking amazing. Shes gorgeous funny and iono just awesome. I can talk to her about anything really and i know that she wont tell anyone. Yeah so we got mad close. Haha we raided the guys mitne and me and baiba got all the stuff from the woods to our cabin haha.... but than we had to give it back cause of Ivete. Ugh her... she spoils everything!!! Me and Baiba protested aaaaaaaaaaaallll the dances haha... that was funnn. Ok sadly camp ended and then i went home for the five most boring days of my life. Then me my sister and my grandparents with Anna Banana got on a plane for 8 hrs to Copenhagen waited there for an hour then another hour on a plane to Latvia!!!! OMG that was such a fuuunnn plane ride. Sorry about spilling coke all over you. Haha screaming at the steward in English and then realizing he doesnt understand english... oopsy. Hah that was maaaaaaaad great.
Ok so for like 10 days i met a bunch of my relatives which was really funn. then went to the hotel where my friends were gonna meet me. So there i met Teika who is soooo fucking amazing and i got to share a room with her! haha.... that was sooo much fun. Basically we spent like the whole night sitting on a windowsill talking to people on the street. Then we had a plan to get out and go to a club where alot of hot guys go.... but our sheets werent long enough to get down from the third floor. So we traveled around Latvia then came back to the capital Riga. Haha the first night the guys went walking and stuff. Then Lara and Bo left the next night. So me and Lina we gonna go to the guys room then sneak out of the hotel. We got to there room and waited til they were ready. So then at like 12:30 we went downstairs to find Martins sitting in the lobby so we all ran upstairs and me and lina talked to people out of the window. Karlos fell asleep. Then like twenty minutes later Dz went to check if they were still there while me Adams Lina and Misha waited upstairs. Then all the guys fell asleep and we slept on the mattress on the floor. Later we woke up at like two-thirty and then went back to the room to sleep. That was one of the best nights ever. The next day me teika marlie and lina went shopping with inga... OMG that was sooooo much funn. We went all around VecRiga----- amazing. Yeah so that night it was the last night Teika and Laura left ;-'( And the guys came to our room and yeah and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Marika member never ever say that to a guy again!! lOl
Ok now i met some amazing people too.
Kristin,Sabine,Singrita,Laura, and Mara- thanks for everything you guys are awesome... paldies
RAIMONDS!--- OMG he is amazng and i love him soooo much. I hope to see you again
Reinis, Lauris, Toms, GIRTS-- omg the best guys everrr... you guys were sooo much funn NOOO WAYY haha Chad Michael Murray
Maki memmber when we made there names in English haha... ilu guys soooo much and miss you lots and lots

--------- Andra much
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