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Well I'm not really good at this whole writing thing. lOl. But i try. Anyways today was greattt. I had a good time. I got to see all of the friends i missed over the past two days. I love acting it's soooo much fun. I love itt. Mrs. Hintze is soo much fun. I think i might try out for the musical but im not really good at the whole singing thing soooo it might not really work. But im up for the drama part but not the singing thing. Ohhh well. Even though my day's gone good im still worried about so much stuff that came up during Latvia. And like im not sure if my friends are really my friends. We all used to be closer and now its like bam... we're not. Its bothering me. Ugh....

i have so many regrets..........


-I cant stop thinking about you
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